What Is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease that affects an estimated 27 million people in America alone. The condition is caused by the deterioration of cartilage in between your bones, causing them to rub against each other, and often results in pain and inflammation. Osteoarthritis is often characterized by pain and stiffness in the affected joints and usually affects the knees, hips or hands. Patients often can tell a change in the weather as the barometric pressure changes. The wear and tear associated with aging is the most common cause of Osteoarthritis but it can also be a result of trauma, such as injury, or due to obesity. Fortunately, there are treatment options available that can help to enhance joint mobility and decrease pain. Here are 3 alternative treatments for osteoarthritis.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy utilizes adult stem cells, often harvested from the patient’s own tissue, which can be injected into the affected joints using intra-articular injections or intravenous injections. These injections encourage the growth of new cells, which causes the cartilage to regenerate. Many medical researchers believe that stem cell treatments have the potential to change the face of human disease and alleviate suffering. The use of stem cell therapy in the healing process for professional athletes’ injuries is expanding. Athletes are seeing faster recovery times and less side effects associated with stem cell therapy because the cells are being harvested from their own bodies, and are therefore less likely to be rejected. This non-surgical procedure has a high success rate and often provides long-lasting relief to those suffering from Osteoarthritis. After the injection, recovery time is minimal and patients can expect significant relief after 1-2 months. For many individuals, symptoms may continue to improve throughout the next 3-6 months.


Viscosupplementation is a non-surgical osteoarthritis treatment that involves the injection of hyaluronic acid, a gel-like fluid, in between the affected joints. The substance acts as a lubricant once injected and allows the bones to move smoothly and more naturally after treatment. It’s important to find a medical facility that uses advanced image guidance to visualize proper placement of the medication. You don’t just want someone sticking a needle in “roughly the right place.” The precise placement of the medication into the joint is extremely important. The procedure often provides several months of relief for those suffering from osteoarthritis and usually consists of a series of injections. Very few side effects are reported with this treatment, making it a popular choice among sufferers who haven’t responded well to other forms of osteoarthritis treatment. It’s important to note that Viscosupplementation is not a permanent solution. While it can provide decreased pain and greater mobility, repeated treatments may be necessary.

Medical Ozone Treatment

Medical Ozone Treatment can be used to treat the pain associated with osteoarthritis. The treatment involves the use of intra-articular injections, which are injected directly into the affected joints to reduce pain and inflammation. This procedure has been around for over 70 years and has been widely accepted in most non-English speaking countries, but as of recently, the practice has become popular within the United States. Ozone is, in simpler terms, known as Energized Oxygen which has been carefully prepared in a medical setting. When injected into the joints, the ozone gas can help to reconstruct any damaged or weakened connective tissue located in and around the joints. It has been known to have rejuvenating and detoxifying qualities that help to stimulate the growth of blood cells and reduce any inflammation caused by various diseases. If you or a loved one is suffering from osteoarthritis, it’s important to discuss any osteoarthritis treatment option with your physician beforehand to determine the best course of treatment that is right for you. Fortunately, these effective treatment options may provide you with the results you’re looking for which will allow you to avoid other more invasive surgical procedures.

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