How a Medical Weight-Loss Program Can Fast-Track Your Results

Medical Weight-Loss Program

Weight loss is hard. Results are often slow to come, motivation fluctuates, and discipline is a tough skill to build. Why do you think the weight-loss market is so saturated with products, plans, and services that promise to propel you to your dream body in as little as seven days? 

The answer: Because people don’t want to put in the work that it takes to shed weight and live a healthier lifestyle. They just want to be healthier instantaneously by any means. And that’s why the same people who buy into those diet programs end up gaining weight back and yo-yo dieting for years. 

If this sounds harsh, it’s only because the providers at SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics want you to understand weight loss for what it really is: a journey. That might not be the news flash you wanted, but there’s good news, too! 

With the science, support, and accountability from a physician-approved weight-loss program, you can most definitely achieve the results you long for — and maintain them for life. 

Benefits of a medical weight-loss program

Medical weight loss programs at SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics all start with a comprehensive medical evaluation, health history, and consultation. Included in this initial step are things you can’t and won’t get with direct-to-consumer weight loss programs: blood work, body measurements, weigh-ins, and a complete physical examination. 

On top of that, you get these five essential pillars of a medical weight-loss program that fast-track your results. 

1. You learn healthy habits

Successfully losing weight requires much more than simply following a program for a specified amount of time. While your medical weight-loss program at SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics follows a timeline, you develop new healthy habits that you can implement into your everyday life following the program. Our doctors teach you how to plan meals, shop for nutritious groceries, and much more. 

2. You get endless support and accountability

If we didn’t serve up enough honesty at the beginning of this blog, here’s a bit more: You’re not always going to want to follow your program. You’ll want to eat foods that don’t support your goals, you’ll want to skip workouts, you might want to give up on the whole thing. Our team stands with you through it all, guiding you to the right decisions and helping you follow through. Because successful, long-lasting weight loss isn’t about motivation — it’s about discipline. 

3. You receive prescribed medication if you need it

If you opt for our Lifestyle Change program, you may be a good candidate for an FDA-approved appetite-regulation medication. This medicine reduces your appetite so you get fuller on less food and experience fewer cravings. You may also receive lipotropic injections, which contain a blend of vitamins that promote fat loss. 

4. You get supplements that actually work 

Do a quick internet search for “weight-loss supplements,” and we guarantee you’ll get overwhelmed with the millions of results and endless information. Sure, some supplements out there might work, but the supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA, so for some manufacturers, anything goes. 

On one of our medical weight-loss programs, you receive supplements approved by a physician for weight loss. You get only what you need — nothing gimmicky and nothing unnecessary — just what you need to achieve lasting results. 

5. You move through a multi-phase nutrition program

Here’s the truth one more time: Sustainable weight loss does not happen in one week. Yes, you can certainly lose an impressive number of pounds in one week. But to keep that weight off and keep losing more (if you wish), you must allow your brain and body time to adapt to your new bodyweight. 

The medical weight-loss programs at SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics are multi-phase for that reason. We want you to be successful, so we set you up for that.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our physicians at SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics today to schedule a consultation. Call our Anaheim location at 949-339-1606 or our West Covina location at 626-593-5328. Or, request your appointment with our online scheduling tool.  

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