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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is packed with proteins that accelerate healing by triggering tissue regeneration. Dr. Keith, Dr. Chase, and Dr. Humiston at SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics specialize in regenerative therapies, among them PRP injections. PRP is beneficial for diverse problems, from treating knee pain to rejuvenating your appearance to restoring hair loss. To learn more about the many benefits of PRP, call the office in West Covina or Anaheim, California, or book an appointment online.


What is PRP?

PRP consists of plasma that contains a higher concentration of platelets than what’s normally found in your blood. Platelets are important because they’re one of your body’s natural healers. When you’re injured, they travel to the damaged tissues and release platelets and cytokines, or protein-bound growth factors, which initiate the healing cascade.

PRP helps to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Recruit stem cells to the injury
  • Trigger the production of new tissues
  • Stimulate blood vessel regeneration
  • Prevent degeneration of healthy tissues

When your doctor at SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics injects PRP directly at the site of an injury or degenerated tissues, the high concentration of platelets supports healing and alleviates your pain.

How is PRP produced?

PRP is made right in the office from your own blood. Your doctor draws a blood sample and processes it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the other blood components. Since your PRP injection comes from your blood, you don’t need to worry about side effects or reactions.

What conditions are treated with PRP?

The great thing about PRP is that it can be used to treat many different conditions. Rotator cuff injuries and menisci tears have been shown to have a successful healing rate with PRP injections. The team at SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics also recommend it for:

PRP knee injections

If you suffer from knee osteoarthritis or problems such as an ACL injury, meniscus tear, or torn cartilage, you may benefit from a PRP knee injection.

PRP facelifts and microneedling

PRP can improve the appearance of your skin, but first, it has to get below the surface. That’s why it’s usually applied using microneedling. Microneedling is a well-established aesthetic procedure in which your doctor uses a device with tiny needles to make micro-punctures on your skin.

These tiny punctures do two things: They stimulate collagen production, which strengthens your skin, and they allow PRP to penetrate deep into your skin. A PRP facial rejuvenates your skin by softening fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing brown spots, and improving its tone and texture.

PRP hair restoration

When PRP reaches hair follicles, it stimulates new hair growth, slows down hair loss, and increases hair thickness. Your doctor may administer PRP to your scalp using an injection that carefully targets balding areas, or with microneedling to cover a larger area.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

PRP may help treat erectile dysfunction or impotence as it stimulates the production of collagen and blood vessels in the penis.

Many patients wonder if PRP can help them. To learn whether you’re a good candidate, click on the booking feature or call SoCal Regenerative Medical Clinics to schedule a consultation.