Vampire Facelift Reviews: What People Are Saying

Vampire Facelift

Naturally, before you sign up for a procedure of any kind, you want to read what other people are saying. Getting the opinion of other consumers is always a good idea, which is why we’ve researched a wide variety of opinions on vampire facelift reviews and shared them here. If you want more specific opinions, we invite you to do an online search on “vampire facelift reviews” and discover more.

For our part, we’re offering a quick look at the main comments we’ve seen, both good and bad. This should give you a starting point for further research on your own, or you can always call our clinic with any questions you might have when you’re done reading.


Noninvasive and Effective


Women and men who have had the vampire facelift almost universally attest to its ability to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, plump and tone skin, create brightness, diminish blemishes and softens skin, increases elasticity, reduces slight sagging and overall improves the quality and luminosity of your skin.

So, if you’re not cutting away loose skin and pulling it tight, you’re wondering, then how exactly are you creating those results?

Good question. The process employs a process known as platelet-rich plasma, which is fabricated from your own blood. A physician will draw the blood during the appointment and put in a centrifuge to separate out the red blood cells. The resulting plasma is full of healing and growth factors, which immediately cause your body to start repairing damage, producing collagen and sending your blood to the site of the injection. The result? 

Your body starts producing far more of those ingredients that gave you such beautiful skin when you were a baby, in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or even older. People of all ages have attested to its miraculous powers.


Better Than a Facelift


A significant number of vampire facelift takers have also, at some point, had either a minimal or more intensive surgical facelift. While that can tighten and tone skin, however, it requires weeks of healing time and causes massive bruising, swelling and discomfort. The few days it takes to heal from the vampire facelift is no comparison to the weeks and even months to completely heal from surgery. Plus, you’ll need a day or two off work at most – most people don’t take any time off at all – as opposed to the week or more you’d have to request for a surgical facelift.

Plus, surgery is significantly more expensive than a vampire facelift. Reports on how much people pay for a traditional surgical facelift range from $3,000 (for a small part of the face) to $15,000 (for the full face), which is a huge sum of money – probably more than you have available to you. On the other hand, vampire facelifts range from only about $600 per injection. Keeping in mind you need between 2 and 3 injections to achieve full effect, that’s still only $1,800 tops for your entire face.

The whole process of a vampire facelift takes about an hour and a half, substantially less time than required to undergo surgery, which is a multi-day process even before you take the weeks of healing into account. According to most who opt for the treatment, that’s one of its biggest selling points.


Healing Time Still Required


Here’s the only downside: While the vampire facelift is noninvasive and therefore much more comfortable, because you’re not dealing with incisions under the jaw or behind the ears, you should still expect to spend a few days healing.

The vampire facelift does cause minor bruising, as well as swelling and redness on the first day. However, most people heal completely after a few days – most report 72 hours at most – and then see significantly plumper, firmer, smoother skin.


Better for the World


Also, unlike a regular facelift, you don’t have to take antibiotics. Most surgical facelift users report having taken antibiotics, but not so with the vampire version. Because antibiotics are such a danger to the world today, according to federal authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control, it’s a good idea to avoid them whenever possible. By opting for vampire facelift rather than surgery, you’re not only saving yourself extra pain and healing time, you’re helping the world.

Plus, the facelift uses only natural resources. Instead of injecting a lot of chemicals into your body – and therefore requiring the manufacture of those chemicals – the vampire facelift uses your own blood as the main ingredient. All that’s required is a bit of equipment and some numbing agent, and you’re good to go … practically painless and au naturel, no knife required.

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